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Customer Support

As Machinery CANYONN, we take the issue of customer support very seriously and in order to respond quickly and accurately to the technical support requests from our customers, we are able to provide faster solutions by combining the support of the manufacturers we cooperate with outside our own technical support team.

In addition, we see it as our duty to make them feel that we are always with them with all the technical documents, user books and necessary technical video support that our customers may need about the products we sell.

Nowadays, rather than the purchase of a product, it has also gained importance to overcome the stage from the delivery of the product to the customer, to the installation of the product and to the solution of the issues that may be encountered later, without problems or less problematic. Since we aim to walk on our path with this understanding, we are happy to express our rightness in positioning ourselves in this regard.

it is known in the machine world, it is very important to ensure that the installation of machines purchased for use in many categories, especially in the field of industry, can be done quickly and accurately. For this, it should not be forgotten that in the time until the delivery of the machine, the technical team is organized correctly and the customers may suffer losses due to the fact that each passing minute delays themselves and the manufacturing stages they are connected to. This is where we step in and bring our experience and sensitivities to the forefront in not confronting the customer with such risks.


Spare Parts

In a period when today's manufacturing sector continues intensively, we use our trust-based relationships and connections with manufacturers to deliver all the consumption products and spare parts that may be needed to the customer quickly and accurately for this purpose. In addition, for this purpose, we are taking steps to respond to the need faster by having the consumption and spare parts products that are more intensive, especially in our hands, as much as possible.





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