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Machinery CANYONN 

We are pleased to have started our journey as LIVAMAK company with a very serious company to close a big gap in this sector and has taken it upon itself to serve its customers with the companies in hundreds of supply networks that can provide the service that our company has fully provided in the world.

As a result of the long studies carried out, a supply network chain has been created under the roof of a great trust by analyzing the needs of the sector very well and a system that can appeal to both dealers and end users in the world has been developed for the benefit of both buyers and sellers thanks to an infrastructure work that can address both dealers and end users in the world, and it has been ensured that their supply and supply can be fulfilled at the least possible effort and risk level. First of all, we are pleased with the step we have taken to direct the world machinery market by eliminating the concerns about finding and finding the desired product, the right product supply, supply reliability, and the supply of many and various products from a single place.

How we work

As Machinery CANYONN by LIVAMAK, first of all, it is to find reliable, high quality and more economical suppliers in the sector according to market conditions and to create an environment where we can work together within our system. In addition, thanks to a very wide categorization of machinery and equipment, we are working with hundreds of companies and manufacturers that we can walk with in order to respond to the desired demands on site and in a timely manner. We direct the incoming requests with our experience in evaluating them correctly and qualitatively and serving customer demands at minimum error and risk levels. As it is known, the determination of the right product that can meet the technical needs and of course the supply at the right prices play a very important role in the sector. The studies we have done in this regard and the mutual manufacturer and supplier relations are really our biggest helpers in giving the right direction to the demands.


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