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Beka-Mak is a leading manufacturer of metal cutting machines in Turkey. Established as a family company in 1984, Beka-Mak has played a pioneering role in expanding the sawing machine sector to the global market. With its first export to Germany in 1991, Beka-Mak is now represented in nearly 78 countries by 60 distributors, with a strong presence in Europe, Russia, and the USA. Beka-Mak extensive product range includes highly efficient circular and band saw machines, which are the preferred choice of top steel manufacturers in Turkey.

Driven by an innovative and continuously evolving philosophy, BekaMak, in collaboration with its registered R&D center established in 2019, continues to make significant contributions to the metal industry. With a production area of 22,500 square meters and a dedicated workforce of 210 employees, we are committed to upholding our reputation for reliability and excellence.

Vision: To sustain Beka-Mak position as a global brand by building upon the trust and respect we have garnered throughout the years.

To prioritize unwavering customer satisfaction in collaboration with BekaMak employees and be recognized as a dependable and quality-driven representative of the Turkish machinery industry worldwide. We achieve this by adhering to ethical values and international quality standards in Beka-Mak manufacturing processes.

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