Production machines

Production machines are the name given to machinery that processes certain raw materials and transforms them into consumer goods, investment goods or intermediate goods. Generally, with the development of technology in recent years, machines that benefit from the power of software are produced. Utilizing software on production machines allows you to incorporate standardized systems into your production processes.

Production machines, which are very important for the machinery industry and used in manufacturing, make it easier for companies to manage the production process, while reducing the need for manpower. In addition, production machines, which are indispensable products of the manufacturing industry, allow you to perform error-free operations, strengthen the efficiency you get from your work, and thus help you increase the profitability of your company.

Production Machine Types

In particular, production machines are divided into different categories according to their use in the manufacturing industry. These:

  • Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing
  • Cutting Machine
  • Forming Machine
  • Plastics Processing
  • Press Feeding Systems
  • Textile Machinery

In particular, Cutting Machines are divided into Shears and Saws, while Forming Machines are divided into six sub-categories. These:

  • Plate Bending Machines
  • Profile Bending Machines
  • Presses
  • Punching Drilling Machines
  • Pressbrakes
  • Roll Forming Machines

Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing

One of the production machines that entered our lives with the development of technology and software industry is Additive Manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing, is a type of machine. Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printings provides the production of three-dimensional objects.

It is known that 3D printers allow you to get faster, economical and flexible jobs, especially when traditional manufacturing methods are considered. 3D writing is a production machine that enables the design to become a physical object after the model is designed with the help of a computer.

Cutting Machine

One of the production machines used in the manufacturing industry is cutting machines. Cutting machines are a type of machine used to cut metal, wood, fabric, paper and plastic materials. Cutting machines allow you to avoid mistakes, especially in manual operations, and allow you to cut faster and more precisely.

While some of the cutting machines are products used by hand, some of them are also used with the help of computers. When examined on an industrial basis, it is seen that it is frequently used in manufacturing, automotive, furniture and textile sectors.

Forming Machine

Forming Machine, which is among the production machines, is the type of machine used for shaping materials such as metal, plastic and wood. In addition to performing operations that human power cannot do, these products can process materials of different shapes and sizes. Forming Machines differ among themselves according to their usage areas. These:

  • Plate Bending Machines
  • Profile Bending Machines
  • Presses
  • Punching Drilling Machines
  • Pressbrakes
  • Roll Forming Machines

Plastics processing machines

Plastics processing machines are a type of machine used to create different products by processing plastic raw materials. Plastics processing machines, which is a very important production machine in the plastics industry, are widely used in the production of consumer goods, packaging, medical equipment and automotive parts.

Plastics processing machines are generally used to perform operations that require movement while operating at high temperature and pressure.

Pressbrakes Machines

Pressbrakes Machines is a type of production machine that shapes metal plates by bending or folding operations. In short, they are known as machines that are also used to process metals. Pressbrakes Production Machines are machines that generally work with CNC technology.

Thanks to the power of technology and software, these CNC-controlled machine types allow you to obtain repeatable and precise results during the material bending process. In the production processes, while reducing the error rate of the enterprises, it also helps to reduce the labor costs. There are also different types in small and medium sizes.

Roll Forming Machines

Roll Forming Machines is a type of production machine that allows you to give the desired shape on metal sheets. The number of rollers and rollers is too large. Thanks to these parts, Roll Forming Machines are used to bend, fold and shape a metal sheet.

It can be used for materials of different sizes, profiles and thicknesses. It is also known that these products, which have automatic operation feature, provide high efficiency and help you make fast production.

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